The Stories We Make Up!

Mar 01, 2022

Pain is inevitable, Suffering is a choice.

Some of this may not be easy to hear. And... it's one of the most important learnings I've found over the 30+ years of discovery. The majority of what is happening to us, around us - is made up. It's story. Usually a really shitty story.

When I started to study and work with very successful people (yes, that's a story), I realized they do one thing consistently better than the non successful people. They make up better stories!

It is not that I believe we are just in a storybook. Things happen. All the time. Hundreds of different events in a day. I wake up and things start happening. Some things happen habitually and without much thinking. Our immediate bathroom practice for example - pretty familiar and without much thought, we go through the motions. 

The story telling that affects us the most is around where we make up the meaning. That 'reply all' email, the look he gave, the silence from their end, the comment you overheard... and dozens of other happenings or results in a day.

Some of those results we take as positive, but most, if you are being honest, you code as negative. 

If 'this means that', leads you to a positive thought / positive feeling - you are in the minority. Also congratulations on having (or at least on your way to) an easier life. If you are generally there, and it just sort of happened without hours and dollars being spent to get there - you are really blessed. Congratulations.

To the other 95% - you have a choice. Would you like to have an easier life? Would you like to suffer less? 

Change your thinking, change your life. 

Could it be that simple - change your thinking, change your story? The quick answer is yes, it is that simple. It does take practice. It helps to have somebody who is outside of your maze. But yes, it is doable.

Ready to start? One day or day one. Your choice.

For those that want to start on the journey to more good days, more passion, more fun, more freedom... Let's talk. Time to start looking at your stories.

Coach DK



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