Darren Kaulius

Coach. Leader. International Speaker.

From business failure to living his early retirement dream and leading a life with joy. Darren's a maverick who's here to shake up the status quo and inspire you to reach your full potential in every aspect of your life. With his unique blend of wit, wisdom, and tough love, he'll challenge you to be your best self - no matter what it takes.


Popular Speaking Topics


Look At It Differently.

Winning Mindset

We all want a little more.

How To Win

Everything, every time!

Authentic Leadership

Taking all teams to the next level.

Meet Darren Kaulius

Darren's Interactive and Keynotes Engage You Employees and Participants. 

Darren is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and leader of leaders who is dedicated to helping individuals create massive shifts in their lives so they can create massive shifts in the world. His signature talks have included “YOUR STORY IS SHIT”, “WINNING MINDSET (We All Want A Little More)”, and “HOW TO WIN AT EVERYTHING, EVERY TIME”.

Darren has a background in business leadership which includes both failure and success. He coaches and leads others one-on-one and in groups towards leading their lives with more joy. He brings his experience, passion and humour to his audience. With wit and character, he helps successful individuals duplicate the success they’ve experienced in the areas they’re already good at (business, sports, community…), to the areas they feel are missing it (family, relationships, love…).

Darren has a LEARN-UN-LEARN-RE-LEARN approach, and helps others to live with more enjoyment, to experience stronger deeper relationships, and to live authentically so they can lead their lives with more joy.

Whether you're looking to improve your business, relationships, or even your own mindset, Darren can help you achieve the impossible. 

Upcoming Speaking Events

Event: Lean In, Level Up

Location: Tampa, Florida

Date: Jan 25-29, 2024

What People Are Saying...


Wanda R

"If you fee you are destined for more...he's your man!"

Geoff M

"Awesome! Excellent! Grounding! Reassuring! Darren was a great coach and leader"

Monique S

"Darren has a winning style that inspires me and others in the room to "up our game"

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